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The Board of Directors (BoD) is elected by the Assembly of Delegates for a 2-year term. The BoD manages the ETH Alumni Association and represents it externally. Its role is to exercise the participation rights of the ETH Alumni Association within the bounds of ETH statutes and other corresponding rules and regulations as well as issue business and other regulations. The BoD also issues instructions to the administrative office. 

Walter Gränicher, Präsident ETH Alumni Association

Walter Gränicher


Daniela Häni, Vorstandsmitglied ETH Alumni Association

Daniela Häni

Vize President; Liaison and Support Affiliate Organisations (Cluster Facility Groups & Associations)

Jürg Brunnschweiler, Vorstandsmitglied ETH Alumni Association

Jürg Brunnschweiler

Head of ETH Global; Representative of the Executive Board of ETH Zurich

Nicolas Rohner, Vorstandsmitglied ETH Alumni Association

Nicolas Rohner


Jörg Sennheiser, Vorstandsmitglied ETH Alumni

Hanspeter Fässler

Liaison Officer Economy, Industry and Science

Laura Rijks, Vorstandsmitglied ETH Alumni

Brigitte Manz-Brunner


Andreas Brunner, Vorstandsmitglied ETH Alumni Association

Andreas J. Brunner

Liaison and Support Affiliate Organisations (Regions Switzerland Groups & Associations)

Jan Kollros

Liaison and Support Affiliate Organisations (Alumni Clubs, Cultural Associations, Sport Groups)

Daniel Naeff

International Chapters

Laura Rijks

Career Services

Laurent Audergon, Vorstandsmitglied ETH Alumni

Laurent Audergon

Observing Delegate of EPFL and Delegate of ETH; Alumni Board of A3-EPFL

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