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The affiliate organisations form the foundation of the ETH Alumni network.
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The alumni of ETH Zurich includes individuals who graduated from the university as well as visiting students and scholars on teaching assignments who spent at least two semesters at ETH Zurich (see detailed definition).

ETH alumni are eligible for membership at the ETH Alumni Association. Members enjoy a range of perks and services not available to non-members.

Membership dues are determined annually by the Assembly of Delegates in November. The price is currently at CHF 70 per year. Some affiliate organisations collect additional fees to fund annual programmes. It is possible to be a member of several affiliate organisations at no additional cost.

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Direct Members

Direct members are members of the ETH Alumni Association who have not exercised their right to choose an affiliate organisation and therefore belong to the Association directly.

Faculty Groups

Name Details Website
AIV Alumni Alumni Civil Engineering
Agri-Food Alumni Agricultural and Food Sciences.
AMIV Alumni Mechanical engineering, Information technology, Electrical engineering
HST Alumni Alumni of Health Sciences and Technology
Biotech Alumni Alumni Biotechnology
CSS Alumni Alumni of the Center for Security Studies alumni/css
Erdwissenschaften Alumni Fachgruppe der ehemaligen Studierenden der Erdwissenschaften  
MAS MTEC Alumni Management, Technology and Economics
MAS Raumplanung Alumni    
Math · Phys Alumni Mathematics and Physics
Process Alumni Verfahrenstechnik
REIS Alumni
Spatial Development and Infrastructure Systems
CSE Alumni Computational Science and Engineering alumni/rw-cse
Ungarische Ingenieure Alumni    

Faculty Association

Name Detail Website

Bio Alumni

EAEM Alumni Fachalumni für alle Managementorientierten ETH-Ingenieure
Geomatik Alumni Geomatik Engineering alumni/geomatik
IAETH Alumni Computer Sciences alumni/iaeth
Materials Alumni Materialwissenschaften
MBA SCM Alumni Supply Chain Management
Umwelt Alumni Environmental Engineering alumni/umwelt
VECS Alumni Chemistry
VEPS Alumni Pharmaceutical Sciences

Regions Switzerland

Region Details Website
OG Baden Alumni
OG Basel Alumni
OG Bern Alumni   alumni/bern
OG Genf Alumni   alumni/geneve
OG Ticino Alumni   alumni/ticino
OG Zug Alumni   alumni/zug
OG Zürich Alumni
OG Zürichsee Alumni   alumni/zuerichsee

International Regions

Americas Details Website
Alumni Chapter Bay Area ETH Alumni San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
Alumni Chapter New York ETH Alumni New York Chapter
Alumni Chapter New England ETH Alumni New England Chapter Boston
Alumni Chapter Sao Paulo ETH Alumni Chapter São Paulo alumni/saopaulo
Asia Details Website
Alumni Chapter Bejing ETH Alumni in the greater Bejing area  
Alumni Chapter Hong Kong and Macau ETH Alumni in Hong Kong
Alumni Chapter India Alumni from India in Switzerland
Alumni Chapter Tokyo ETH Alumni in Tokyo alumni/tokyo
Alumni Chapter Seoul ETH Alumni in South Corea  
Alumni Chapter Shanghai ETH Alumni in the greater Shanghai area
Alumni Chapter Singapore ETH Alumni in Singapore
Details Website
Alumni Chapter Sydney ETH Alumni in Australia
Details Website
Alumni Chapter France   alumni/france
Alumni Chapter Germany
  Alumni Chapter München alumni/munich
  Alumni Chapter Frankfurt alumni/frankfurt
Alumni Chapter Greece   alumni/greece
Alumni Chapter Italy   alumni/italy
Alumni Chapter Luxembourg   alumni/luxembourg
Alumni Chapter Netherlands   alumni/netherlands
Alumni Chapter Norge   alumni/norway
Alumni Chapter UK   alumni/uk
Alumn Chapter Wien   alumni/wien

Alumni Clubs

Name Details Website
Challenge Alumni Alumni of the Challenge ETHZ vs. EPFL
Entrepreneur Alumni Alumni of the ETH Entrepreneur Club
ETH seniors Alumni Alumni of ETH Juniors, the junior enterprise of ETH Zurich
VESUV Alumni Alumni of various student associations alumni/vesuv
Wine Club Alumni Wine lovers

Cultural Associations

Name Details Website
Alumni Sinfonieorchester Musicans with academic background alumni/sinfonieorchester
ETH Big Band Alumni    

Sport Groups

Golf Group Alumni   alumni/golf
Segelgruppe Alumni    
Tennis Alumni    
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