Swiss Universities Alumni Meet-up in Bangalore


By:  Mattia Mäder

On a yearly basis, swissnex India organises Swiss Universities Alumni Meet-ups. The idea is to further strengthen the Swiss network in India. In addition, it is an opportunity to celebrate the courage it takes to leap out of the comfort zone and expand its horizons in unknown territory. In April, meet-ups took place in three different locations: New Delhi in the North, Mumbai in the West and Bangalore in the South. Let’s look in more detail at what happened in Bangalore.

Swiss Alumni Meet-up in Bangalore
Swiss Alumni Meet-up in Bangalore

Dr. Balz Strasser, CEO of swissnex India and Consul General of Switzerland in Bangalore, is himself an Alumni of ETH and the University of Zürich. He hosted us at his residence on Wednesday, April 19th in the evening. Thanks to his welcome speech and an ample aperitif – including finest Swiss wines – the participants’ initially shy discussions lightened up quickly. After all, at least one point all guests had in common – namely to have studied in Switzerland at some stage.

Different Alumni stories

Alumni from many different Swiss universities were present, but ETHZ was the biggest player (see pie chart hereunder). It was very interesting to explore the many different backgrounds of the participants – from artists to engineers, doctors to researchers, professors to entrepreneurs.

Just to name a few examples: Lukas Ulrich, ETHZ MSc graduate in Environmental Engineering, is now in India carrying out research for EAWAG with the goal of scaling-up small-scale sanitation as a part of the 4S project. Marion Reichenbach completed her MSc in Agricultural Sciences at ETHZ and for her PhD she is now analysing the dairy production in an urbanizing environment such as Bangalore, the third most populous city in India. Amod Hulge had left India to pursue a MSc in Mechanical Engineering at ETHZ. After completion, he came back to India and founded his own company called Qrera, which works on various engineering-related projects such as developing an open-source 3D-printer.

The highlight of the evening was the screening of a brand-new short movie, jointly produced by the Swiss Embassy in New Delhi and swissnex India. It covers the stories of Indian students who studied in Switzerland. In the video, the Alumni – some of whom attended the meet-up – share their academic experiences in Switzerland and outline the extremely enhancing impact their stay had on their life and career.

Mattia Mäder is a Junior Project Manager with the Academic Relations & Projects team at swissnex India. He also is an ETH Alumnus with a BSc ETHZ in Environmental Engineering. swissnex India takes an active role in connecting India and Switzerland in education, science and innovation. To know more about us, visit our website:

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