Honorary ETH Alumni Singapore Chapter Member Johann Schneider-Ammann visits Singapore

03.08.2016 | Alumni Chapter Singapore

Von:  Katja Fink and Hans Jaeger

Singapore-Swiss relations celebrated a new high point with the recent state visit of the President of the Swiss Confederation, Johann Schneider-Ammann, to Singapore. Despite regular visits of high-level politicians, including federal councilors, business delegates and academics to Singapore, this was in fact the first official state visit of a Swiss President to Singapore and hence, a very special occasion and honour.

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Johann Schneider-Ammann (left), Dr. Katja Fink, Prof. Hans Heinimann, Hans Hess, Dr. Hans Jäger © Swiss Club in Singapore
Johann Schneider-Ammann (left), Dr. Katja Fink, Prof. Hans Heinimann, Hans Hess, Dr. Hans Jäger © Swiss Club in Singapore

ETH Alumni Singapore chapter president and vice president, together with the faculty from the Singapore ETH Center and a former President of the ETH Board, were delighted to welcome their honorary member at a dinner in the Swiss Club organized for the Swiss community in Singapore. Johann Schneider-Ammann has been an honorary member of the Singapore Chapter since 2012. In that year, he had led a business delegation on a visit to South-East Asia and made a stop in Singapore. In the presidential delegation, we also welcomed another ETH Alumnus, Mr. Hans Hess, President of Swissmem.

Every young person should be provided with the opportunity to work

Mr. Schneider-Ammann reiterated in his speech that his main goal as a Federal Councilor was to provide every young person with the opportunity to work. Switzerland can be very proud of its low unemployment numbers, particularly amongst the young. During the state visit, the president was presented with new Singapore initiatives to lead and improve employability of university graduates and to promote VPET, Vocational Professional Education and Training. These initiatives are important to further increase the productivity of the workforce in a country that has an increasing need for highly skilled workers. Schneider-Ammann also talked about the challenging time that Europe is going through and strongly advocated for Switzerland to remain independent.

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