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26.10.2016 | Alumni Chapter Bay Area

Von:  Matthias Bänninger

The Alumni Chapter Bay Area visited the Stanford Nano Shared Facilities on September 22. The tour guided by the associate director of the laboratory, Dr. Tobias Beetz, was followed by a dinner in a local pub.

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Die Alumni des Alumni Chapter Bay Area
Die Alumni des Alumni Chapter Bay Area

After visiting the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory two years ago, the chapter was invited for a tour of the Stanford Nano Shared Facilities this September. The visit started with a talk by the associate director Tobias Beetz, who then guided a tour through the facilities. After learning about x-ray- and Raman microscopy and the state of the art nano SIMS tool, the tour concluded with a live demo of the Titan transmission electron microscope that can image with atomic resolution. Afterwards, most of the participants continued their discussions at the Dutch Goose, a legendary local pub.

The Alumni Chapter Bay Area activities

Other events of the Alumni Chapter Bay Area this year included our traditional ski weekend at Lake Tahoe , a 1st August celebration at the beach, a visit to the Siemens research lab in Berkeley and the “ETH meets California” events organized by ETH Global.

Join our anniversary celebrations

We will close this year’s program on December 10 with a big celebration of the 5th anniversary of the alumni chapter, co-hosted with the SF-ZH Sister Cities organization. Former ETH President Prof. Ralph Eichler, who was present at the founding of the chapter, will be the guest of honor .

For more information about our chapter visit, where you can also sign up for the email list to be informed about upcoming event. 

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