D-BSSE Master Graduation Ceremony

03.12.2016 | Biotech Alumni

Von:  Andreas Kyburz

October 28th 2016, an additional day in the list of most important happenings in the life of 33 young scientists. This day marks the end of an era, the end of studying and brooding over exams and the beginning of a fulfilled work life. This day should be celebrated in a befitting manner.

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Throwing of the D-BSSE baseball caps
The D-BSSE traditional baseball cap throwing

Already the entrance to the celebration venue marks the greatness of their achievements. Two huge golden portals open up into the wide halls of the natural history museum in Basel. The path to the historic auditorium leads past skeletons of wild animals and up some reverent, wide stairs. Then another portal marks the entrance to the beautiful auditorium with its red decorated walls, paintings of famous people and wooden interior. The venue hints the elegancy of the ceremony to follow.

Looking back and into the future

Professor Mustafa Khammash, the head of the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering, welcomes all guests and emphasizes his pride to be the person disbanding students to welcome them again as alumni. The neatly dressed graduates sitting in the front of the room are listening excitedly to all his words. To explain the families, partners and friends of the graduates what they have been doing for the last four years, a video about the daily life at BSSE is shown, produced by ex Masterstudent Diana Ostos. Next, Hans-Peter Hohmann from DSM Nutritional Products is giving a talk about his professional career in the biotechnology field. As he made his career in industries, he gives insight into how it could turn out if one works on vitamin production. He talked about the many stumbling blocks during a career and how everyone should enjoy whatever they do after their studies.

A fulfilled study life

However, the talk everyone has been waiting for is the student speech by Oskari Vinko, a graduate from Finland. As winner of FameLab international in Cheltenham UK he knows how to grip the audience and excite it from the first second onwards. His inspiring talk about the BSSE student-life shows not only the families what a wonderful time each of their pupils had, what good friends they have become and how interesting their work was. Full of wit and hidden jokes he fills the room with laughter and a relaxed atmosphere.

The diplomas

The most important part is to follow next: The handing out of the longed-for master diplomas. Although most envelopes are just empty covers, as the graduates got their diploma via post, it still feels official. One after the other they walk up to the front, shake the hand of the head of the department and smile into the camera. After the ceremony pictures are taken so this evening can be remembered. The throwing of the traditional D-BSSE baseball cap indicates the end of the ceremony and heralds the start of the aperitif.

The Biotech Alumni faculty group congratulates all D-BSSE graduates 2016 to their degree and wishes them all the best for their successful future!

The Biotech Alumni board

Benjamin Eggerschwiler, Eric Gutzwiller, Samuel Hess, Andreas Kyburz, Sandra Leber, Luca Siegrist, Andrea Spinnler

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