Alumni Chapter New England baking Grittibänze at swissbäkers

27.01.2017 | Alumni Chapter New England

Von:  Patrick Anquetil

The Alumni Chapter New England decided to celebrate the Advent holiday with a visit to swissbäkers in Boston. Swissbäkers is a renowned bakery in the Boston area founded by Thomas Stohr, who taught the Alumni about baking Grittibänze.

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ETH Alumni baking Grittibänze
ETH Alumni baking Grittibänze

What was planned to be a hands-on baking event turned into an inspiring Sunday afternoon with Thomas Stohr, founder of swissbäkers. Almost 20 years ago, Thomas and his wife Helene started baking Swiss croissants and rolls for their children. Shortly after, the children stopped eating American bread altogether. "Being kids of bakers”, Thomas explained, “they simply missed the 'crunch’”. 

Delicious self-made Grittibänze

After a warm welcome the Alumni got the chance to get a personal tour of the swissbäker operations. The owner Thomas personally showed the Alumni his center of operations. A modern bakery that supplies several of his branches. Next to explaining the modern baking processes he also taught the group about his business considerations. After a tour and thorough explanation of the swissbäker production process, the Alumni got the chance to taste some of swissbäker's sandwiches on the famous pretzel baguette! A unique experience whilst observing the self-made Grittibänze baking in the oven. We left the swissbäker production facility impressed by the Stohrs’ success story and eager to find out about the taste of our baked goods. The experience was both insightful and intriguing. The Grittibänze were a delicious reminder of a great day.

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