ETH Entrepreneur Club is looking for personal mentors

05.04.2017 | Entrepreneur Alumni

Von:  Alexander Wieland

The ETH Entrepreneur Club is a student run organization, who fosters entrepreneurship among fellow students. The students cover a wide variety of interests; from mechanical engineers to health science students and from bachelor level to post docs. Last year, the ETH Entrepreneur Club successfully launched a pilot mentoring program and is now looking for new mentors.

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Mentoring - Making It Happen
Mentoring - Making It Happen

We provide different event formats to all students for free: Simple and inspiring talks from successful entrepreneurs, hands-on experience in small work shops to matching start-ups with new and motivated people. Last but not least is the EC Award, where we hand out money to students with great start up ideas. Besides all our events, we run the RocketHub. The RocketHub is a small co-working space, where students can work on their ideas next to start ups.

Successful start of a pilot mentoring program

Last year, a pilot mentoring program was launched for all board members with success. The goal is to enhance personal growth through experienced mentors, sharing personal experiences from their professional life and advising on different topics. Not only was this beneficiary to all board members, but also to the mentors. They got in touch with young, entrepreneurial minded and motivated students, learning more about the young generation.

For further years, we hope to provide this service to the whole club, motivating and inspiring our members with this program.

If you are interested in more information and want to become a personal mentor, contact us at .

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